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Message from the Directors

Keystone Partners believes that:

Successful business owners work in partnership with others. They know that to have business success comes with and through others. These like minded businesses establish powerful partnerships and alliances that reap huge financial rewards and enhance business relationships. Successful partnerships exist in business because they focus on mutually agreeable business objectives and goals. This collaborative approach is primarily determined by having a shared value base and common vision.

How it works for you 

Adviser Business Development: 

We can offer a simple Authorised Representative solution that does not interfere in your business or your business model. This approach which will allow your business to grow as you want it. As we are a Risk Preferred Dealer Group we don’t have BDO’s focused on Funds under Management or promoting the latest managed fund we simple assist you in providing asset protection strategies for your clients.


RPD Group offers comprehensive hands on compliance services that will allow advisers to get on with business by providing a streamlined compliance solution. Our compliance is designed to complement the “Risk Management” of the adviser firm that doesn’t hinder its operations. Rather than using the ‘Big Stick’ approach, our advisers will have a partner in RPD Group; one that is determined to fulfil all legislative requirements by offering friendly advice based compliance.

Client Ownership:

At RPD Group we believe the individual adviser owns their client and not the dealership. We therefore have no rights to the client. This is an important consideration for every adviser. We will, however, offer assistance for those advisers preparing their business for sale.

Capped Fees:

An important consideration for many Advisers is the cost of Dealer Fees. We will provide a capped adviser fee and not a complicated tiered fee structure. Other services we offer are on a fee for service basis allowing the adviser to choose what their particular requirements are. This puts the adviser firmly in charge of their practice running costs.