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As a lawyer I knew insurance was important. I had income protection cover for many years. When the time came to buy a home and an investment property, I went to see my adviser about loans etc. It was a good time to review my insurance as I knew that if I got sick and couldn’t pay the mortgage, we would be in trouble. I believed I was in perfect Health at that time.

Lisa came to my house one evening and we talked, she advised me to get life insurance to cover the mortgages and also to have enough to pay an income to Vanessa and the girls if I wasn’t around. I slept on it and then rang Lisa the following day confirming my wish to take out Insurance as advised by her.

The Insurance Company rightfully required a comprehensive medical check up by their own officers and obtained, with my permission details of my medical history. The check up confirmed what I believed, I was fine. We finalised our applications in May 08.

In August 08 I went to the doctor with abdominal pain believing I had nothing more than indigestion. Subsequent tests showed that I had pancreatic cancer, a condition which has no cure. I was given less than 12 months by the Oncologists. I informed Lisa Parsons who immediately contacted my Insurance Company and informed them of my situation.

As a result I received a terminal illness payment and have been able to pay out the mortgage on the family house and invest the remainder for income purposes while I am not working. My estate will now be debt free. I am very grateful I had the insurance in place and that Lisa convinced Vanessa and me to apply for the cover.

Had I not taken the advice of a professional, my wife, a fulltime student, would have been left with debts of well over 1 million dollars, no income, and 2 children aged 11 and 9 to support.

Richard Parkinson
Glenbrook, NSW

I couldn't be happier with the advice and service I receive from Rod Hoffman and the team at Keystone Partners. From managing my tax affairs to arranging finance for equipment purchases, everything is handled quickly, competently and with an eye to making sure I always get the best possible deal. My business is now located far away from Keystone's offices but that doesn't stop me receiving personal, friendly attention to my matters. I know that Rod and his team of professionals are only a phone call or email away, and I always receive a prompt response to my requests for assistance and advice.

Jennifer Everingham, Everingham Conveyancing

I was thrilled when Lisa and Rod went through the company promise to clients. It was unlike any other experience I’ve had within financial planning. We were made to feel that we were extremely important to them and that our satisfaction was paramount.

I felt we were listened to and that we are very much part of our own planning process, that being proactive is vital to our success.

Julie Chapman

We have been clients of Keystone Partners formally known as Blackheath Tax for over 15 years. Completing our own tax returns for many years all changed when we ventured into the property investment market in 1992 and found the more complex information and requirements required the services of an accountant. We had been recommended to contact Blackheath Tax and have had the pleasure of dealing with this business ever since.

When Rod Hoffman took over the business, he made the time to introduce himself to all existing clients. We have always found Rod to be very friendly, have a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience in his field. Rod is always happy to discuss any issues throughout the year not just at tax time!!

You are greeted in a professional and friendly manner by Emily and Joy at the Blackheath office who are more than willing to assist with your enquiries. We would have no hesitation in recommending Keystone Partners to anyone needing their services and you won’t be disappointed in being made feel a valued client of their business.

Alayne McCracken

After being diagnosed with mesathelioma I wanted to see what my options were regarding my insurance policies.

I had a Life & Total and Permanent Disability policy through superannuation and immediately sought to conclude whether I could apply for the TPD benefit.

After weeks of endeavouring to meet requirements to be paid out, doctors visits, paperwork, test results I contacted my advisers at KPFS to assist in the process.

They immediately advised me to apply for the funds on Terminal Illness grounds. The requirements for release of funds were much less strenuous and I was paid out within a number of days.

I later discovered I had another insurance policy and met with KPFS to action the release of funds. I discovered there were no Terminal Illness release provisions on that policy but my adviser Lisa Parsons appealed to the insurance company on my behalf to release the funds anyway.

In a nutshell, I was paid out that claim due to the determination of my adviser.

I have no hesitation in recommending KPFS and Lisa Parsons and in fact have already done so. Your professionalism and prompt service is a credit to all involved. Please feel free to have prospective client contact us.

Karen McCarroll

My husband and I hadn’t given Trauma insurance any thought until Lisa Parsons from KPFS had brought it to our attention and discussed the pros and cons of this type of cover. At the time we were running 2 businesses and had a young family. We understood the importance of having life insurance however we never really thought that we would need Trauma…why would we, we were young and fit with no serious genetic related illness in our family. After much discussion, we both took out a policy and complained very loudly every year when the policy was up for renewal! We could think of a hundred things to spend the money on, like a well-earned holiday however each year we faithfully renewed our policies.

Then in 2013, I was diagnosed with breast cancer at  43!!! We were then in what seemed an unbelievable situation, making decisions about treatment and prognosis options. Having Trauma insurance was an enormous relief. Lisa helped our application and monitored the payout until we received the lump sum. This money provided our family with a number of things, firstly not having to worry about income and secondly by providing options and choice. I didn’t have to worry about mounting medical bills or the fact that I wasn’t working and contributing an income. Interestingly, when faced with a life threatening illness, you don’t think about spending extra time at work. You are strongly focussed on family, your health, living life fully and with all the grace you can muster!

Luckily, my prognosis is very positive and I have a full and happy life to look forward to. I am so grateful that Lisa endured the moaning and groaning each year at renewal time and advised us in the first place of the benefits of Trauma insurance. Lisa understood our business and family situation and advised us to take out a level of cover that was appropriate to what we would need. She also understood the insurance company and the claim process and supported us every step of the way in making our claim.  

Sharon Pierce