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Spend less time on your books and more time on your business

As you know, at Keystone Partners, we strive to provide you quality advice and services, from traditional accounting and taxation services through to Superannuation Consolidation and Investments.

It is with this in mind that we introduce you to The BankLink ServiceBankLink’s online and desktop solutions automate and simplify your accounting by virtually eliminating manual data entry and the collection of receipts and bank statements. You'll no longer have to spend hours doing your books with software that is often complex and expensive to use.


How we can help you by using The BankLink Service

  • Simplifiesand automates your accounting process
  • Saves you time- virtually eliminates manual data entry
  • Provides ultimate accuracy and security
  • Allows us to collect a copy of your bank data on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Enables us to provide you with timely financial reports that can help you with business decision making (cash flow, P&L etc)
  • Reduces your stress- you won't need to supply us with receipts, bank statements or files from other accounting software 

How it works

Click here to watch a short introductory video which explains how The BankLink Service works and how you can benefit greatly from it. 


Interested in receiving more information?  

If you’d like more information regarding The BankLink Service, click here

If you’d like to register for an information evening where a BankLink representative and Rod Hoffman will demonstrate live how their software and solutions work, click here.

Let us help you save time and reduce stress with The BankLink Service. Make sure you sign up before the new financial year.

Keystone Partners and the team at BankLink